Instant loan without credit entry and proof of income

Sometimes you need a loan to finance certain things. Once a new car must be bought, another time the TV is broken and must be replaced. Maybe you also want to afford something and the money is not available. Then you start thinking about taking out a loan. This is usually not a problem if the credit rating is ok.

This means that the income matches the existing liabilities and there is no negative credit entry. If there is a negative credit entry, it makes sense to apply for a loan without credit. This means that you take a non-credit, which does not query the credit and no entry there. However, if you have no income, it will be difficult to get a loan. An instant loan without credit and proof of income is a problem and you have to look for alternatives. For even the non-credit credit, the so-called Swiss credit, a minimum income is required.

Alternatives for a loan

Alternatives for a loan

If you want to take out an instant loan without credit and proof of income, you may want to contact an intermediary. He may see ways in which an instant loan without a credit and proof of income can be approved. Here one must be careful, however, that one employs a reputable agent and ultimately has to pay no usurious interest. Information about it can be found on the Internet. A cheap Sofortkedit without credit and proof of income may be possible if you have collateral. This means that you can assign a life insurance to the bank, which then serves as collateral and, in the event of a fall, covers the loan amount. In addition, it is possible to name a guarantor who is responsible for the eventual default of the borrower.

An instant loan without credit and proof of income is likely to be possible.

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If you decide on one of these options, you can look at a comparison portal on the Internet, who offers the most favorable conditions. Here you can also see which bank is valued how and what the acceptance rate is. Of course you can also sit down with the house bank in the behavior. It is possible that they are even more willing to grant an instant loan without credit and proof of income, with a guarantor or with appropriate collateral, if they know the potential borrower and / or the guarantor personally and have had good experiences in the past.

More options

More options

However, there are other options. One of them is to ask family and friends if anyone is willing to grant a loan. If that is the case, however, you should sign a contract to secure the family member or friend. The pawnshop is also an alternative. Here you can mortgage an asset. This means that you get paid cash and concludes a corresponding loan agreement. Thereafter, it is possible to redeem the item after an agreed time. The interest rates charged are relatively low.


Getting an instant loan without credit and proof of income is difficult, but not impossible, if you go other ways than usual. A detailed information is important, that you do not get to dubious banks or intermediaries.

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