Quick loan without BIK

More and more people are having trouble getting affirmative bank loan decisions. The most common reason is the lack of credit history or, on the contrary, its unfavorable course. The refusal to grant a loan results from the fact that we are not a reliable borrower and the bank would conclude a contract with us. Each traditional bank, as well as SKOK, is obliged to verify our data in the Credit Information Bureau.


What is BIK?

credit loan

As the name suggests, it is an institution that collects information about borrowers. Contrary to the general belief, this is not only data on arrears, but also news about successful loan periods. BIK updates are regularly introduced every month, and information is sent to the Credit Information Bureau thanks to cooperation with banks and Skokami. As consumers, we cannot modify the data about us. If we want our data in the BIK not to contain negative information, we should report to a banking institution and after settling the arrears, submit a request to correct them, which only occurs after submitting such an application to the BIK by the bank.

If we need a quick loan and traditional banks refuse to grant it to us, the only way to get cash is to sign a loan agreement without BIK. We receive such offers from parabanks and private lenders. There are more and more such offers on the market due to the increasing number of consumers every day.


What are the characteristics of quick loans without BIK?

credit loan

First of all, that our credit history is not taken into account when making the decision to grant us cash. In addition, loans of this type are paid out extremely quickly and we can receive cash even within a few minutes. In order to apply for such a loan, we usually do not need anything more than an ID card or other proof that confirms our identity. The amounts we can get in this way are not high, and the loan period is several months. As a consequence of the fact that we are not subject to verification in terms of creditworthiness, the interest rate on the service is much higher than for standard loans. We must therefore remember that repayment of such a loan can be costly for us.

If we are distrustful of para-bank companies, we have the opportunity to check whether they do not appear on the list of warnings prepared by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. To reduce the risk associated with such a contract, we should opt for proven lenders.

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